What Is Foursquare And How Is It Relevant To Syracuse?

Have you ever heard of Foursquare? I have and enjoy it. I am the mayor of a couple gas stations, fast food restaurants, NASCAR Technical Institute (where I work) and my house. I also find it interesting sometimes to see where people check in and sometimes gives me ideas about where I will eat lunch that day.

For those who are not familiar with Foursquare, let me explain. If you have a smart phone or tablet and travel with it, you can download the application and check into wherever you are and share it with others via Twitter or Facebook. You earn points when you check in to a place, earn badges for different events (or series of events), or if you have visited the location more than others, you become the mayor of it. Some businesses even offer discounts for checking in on Foursquare or for being their mayor. You can also leave comments about the place you visit or share it with your friends via social media.

How is this related to Syracuse? Meet Dennis Crowley, Syracuse University alumni and CEO/Co-Founder of Foursquare. Dennis received a Bachelor’s degree from Newhouse before getting his Master’s degree at NYU as part of their Interactive Telecommunications Program (where he is also an Adjunct Professor). If you want to learn more about Dennis, you can find him on Twitter @dens or on Facebook he is listed as dcrowley. He actually started a similar program called Dodgeball and sold it to Google before starting Foursquare.

If you want to hear the man himself explain Foursquare, here is a 2:55 video from 2009 to explain what it is:

For those who are familiar with it and are curious about it’s plan to monetize in the future, here is a recent discussion Dennis had about that exact topic. If you are a business owner, this may be very relevant information in regards to how to track your customers.

The video above is an excerpt of another video that I will not post due to it’s length but Dennis does a great job talking about the company and why it has great potential in the future. You can watch it by clicking the link below and see if you are interested. I highly recommend checking out Foursquare and having some fun with it:


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