#OrangePride And Why I Love Syracuse And Our Fans



Today I followed the SU/UConn game at work. I would rather save my time for next week even though I do love the excitement of the Big East Tournament. I could not find a feed on my phone aps so I mostly followed on Twitter and Facebook. I am so glad to see so many fans as passionate about this team as I am…if not more.

I saw syracuse.com had two stories of how others watched the game and it added to the excitement. I was going to sneak off for a long lunch but things came up so I stayed at work and was not as lucky as some mentioned in these articles. I thought it was great though to see so many passionate fans out in local establishments sharing in the excitement.

If you can’t watch a game and you have an active Twitter account, I assure you Syracuse fans will tell you all you need to know about how the team is playing. From how the referees are doing to every reaction from Coach Boeheim, Twitter is a great forum for play by play (we even have syracuse.com writer Geoff “@deafgeoff”Herbert who is reading their lips). Sometimes it is even better than watching the games themselves.

Yes sometimes maybe we can possibly be a bit too passionate if that is possible but it is great to see so many who have pride in the program. I especially noticed this when a person with ESPN who shall remain nameless because I find his opinions irrelevant, was making some not so nice comments about Syracuse and who they didn’t play (what?). The Orange fans flooded Twitter trashing his name and his comments and I enjoyed some of the comments, which are part of the reason I know either turn the channel for halftime studio shows or leave the room for a bit. There are people who love this type of attention and I don’t know for sure this one does it for that purpose but if you do like doing that, don’t be mad when people take what you say personal. I love the Mets, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Carolina Panthers but the one team I take personal is when it is Syracuse University, alumni or not so I can’t get mad when I see others getting upset at his remarks. I would say though to ignore him and make them irrelevant and they will not have the same impact on you…it works for me at least.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love being a Syracuse guy. I was raised in the area and I bleed Orange and whether we agree on subjects or not, I love seeing so many of our fanbase passionate about the programs. Thank you to all of those out there who share our love of the Orange and let’s enjoy the ride to New Orleans and hopefully becoming 2012 National Champions.

Go Orange!

About Orange Chuck

You can find me at @orangechuck on Twitter and I can answer any questions you may have. Other than that, I try to be a positive person and live a positive life. :)
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