If You Can’t Have Fun In #Syracuse, Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

So today just for the heck of it, I wanted to try something different. I took my computer and I Googled two words: Syracuse Fun. I was overwhelmed at how easy it is to find fun in Syracuse though not shocked because I know Syracuse and the surrounding area have a lot to offer.

I found Fun Junction and Fun Warehouse which if you enjoy laser tag in Cicero, Dewitt and Syracuse along with some pizza, will provide some great times. One of the Fun Junctions is located in Shoppingtown Mall, which may not have as many shops as they once did but does also offer an indoor skate park. There are also numerous bowling alleys and golf courses all over as well. And if you like family fun, there is no greater value than a day at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. If you don’t love animal fun for only $4 a child and $8 for adults, I am not sure I can help you much anyway. And you can check out Hugo:

If you prefer more adult entertainment and you tell me you can’t find a place to have fun, just do yourself a favor and stay home. There is Marshall Street, if you prefer the college crowd, Empire Brewing Company, Nibsy’s, Ale and Angus Pub, Al’s Wine and Whiskey Lounge and The Beginning II (the home for Bills and Red Sox games in Syracuse)among MANY other options. There are several options and when the weather gets warm, there are festivals and field days/fairs all over the area just about every weekend. And of course, the holidays are always enjoyable at the local bar/pubs as seen below:

I know what some are saying, “But it snows in Syracuse and there is nothing to do in the cold weather.” I am sorry, would you like a little cheese with your Lamoreaux Wine ? Yes I know shoveling it sucks but the sledding and skiing do not. Not to mention, Syracuse is very prepared to handle the roads so if you need to get it, it is not like here in Charlotte where merely forecasting snow means bread and milk shelves empty like Armageddon is upon us. Heck if you got kids (or just the heart of one), you can even get out there and have some snow ball fights and build some snowmen. And of course, there is always Winterfest:

If you like sports, Syracuse may not have any major league teams but between SU sports, the Chiefs, the Crunch and other events that come to town like Monster Jam, WWE and golf tournaments, you have several options.

If you prefer your time maybe a little more cultured, look no further than Everson Museum of Art and The Erie Canal Museum (and now I will have that song in my head all day). There is the Syracuse Symphony and the Syracuse Opera or if you prefer other stage productions, there is Syracuse Stage and even the Syracuse Children’s Theater which apparently even Coach Boeheim and wife Julie say that their daughter enjoys (and if it is good enough for a Boeheim dang it, it is good enough for you).

And let’s not forget that there is Little Italy, Carousel Center/Destiny USA, the view of the sun rising and setting on the lakes, several food options like Tullys and Dino that people who live outside Syracuse wish they could enjoy. There are parks like Onondaga and Burnet, Wise Guys Comedy Club, a Tops Market with the Syracuse Orange theme (though sadly they have to compete with Wegmans) and of course Armory Square (where the park may not be huge but the fun is abundant). And SOOO MANY more things to find if you know what you want.

So after reading all of that, can someone please tell me how you would say there is nothing fun to do in Syracuse? Or if you are still bored, maybe you can be creative and do something like this:

About Orange Chuck

You can find me at @orangechuck on Twitter and I can answer any questions you may have. Other than that, I try to be a positive person and live a positive life. :)
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4 Responses to If You Can’t Have Fun In #Syracuse, Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

  1. Steve Borek says:

    Syracuse has lots to offer though after living here for 25 years, I’m ready for warmth. I’d like to move to a place where snow is an option.

    The Cuse is a great college town with lots of things to do. I’m a big fan of the theater scene having produced eight plays.

    p.s. Don’t forget the wonderful parks!

    • orangechuck says:

      I totally understand the “I hate shoveling this snow this often” complaint and it is a major reason my parents moved to NC and I moved here to be closer to them (and in 96 because jobs were everywhere here). I got out of the Army in 96 with no degree and had several good paying job offers within a month.

      I just think Syracuse has a lot to offer and if I were a company looking for a place to expand into or open, I would definitely go there and not flinch. Plus, Hofmanns, Dino and Tully’s alone are enough to love it.

      I did include a little bit about the parks but they probably do deserve more attention than I gave them…maybe a future post exploring them individually.

      • Steve Borek says:

        Tell me about NC? Do you like it? If you were me, which cities in NC or SC would you move to and why?

      • orangechuck says:

        Well to be honest, if I am you, I stay in Syracuse if I have the choice but that is a personal decision. If my family was not here now, I would have already been back by now.

        As for NC and SC, a lot of that depends on what you like. Do you like the beach? Check out Charleston or Wilmington. If you like city life, check out Charlotte or Columbia. I live in the country about an hour outside Charlotte and there are some great communities around here as well. I would include Mooresville, NC if you truly explore it as there are a lot of former NYers in this area and it is more than just a home to NASCAR teams but also offers many things us Yankees enjoy.

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